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The company "Alanta-Bud"  is not a partner of the company "Vely", and does not lead any business with the company.

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  • Prefabricated buildings and structures;
  • Metal structures of buildings, industrial, commercial or residential purposes;
  • Tanks and containers;
  • Steel structures of bridges, viaducts and galleries;
  • Manufacture of individual components of metal buildings: runs, farms, consoles, ladders, fences, (beams and headers.)
  • Columns made of I-beams
  • Farm out of the corners of hot-rolled
  • Farms of the closed rectangular profile
  • Runs of channel bent
  • Beams of I-beams broadband
  • Beam with variable cross section of I-beams
  • Crane beam welded from sheet metal, welded components
  • Farms podstropilnye
  • Crossbars of sills bent
  • Custom designs and equipment

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