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A truck in the loading tests of various kinds. They may eventually lead to unexpected breakdowns responsible design elements.Especially frequently observed structural damage dump bodies.Reason is the environment in which they operate. While lifting the body and subframe truck have great deforming load. They can increase several times in a certain direction, when the lifting body is carried on inclined floors. In the "life" of the tipper body lifts happens countless.And as a result - the deformation and damage to the body or subframe.

You can try to make the repairs on their own, but how long can serve the body then? After repair of truck bodies - a difficult and responsible task. It is important to restore all setting parameters and geometric strength of load-bearing structures. This is possible only in specialized repair bases in professional car body repairs. Do not know where to turn?The company "Alanta - BUD" - at your service! We carry out repair of cargo bodies, including dump. Our experts will be able to cope with any damage to your body. They carefully examine the nature of the damage and choose the best methods for restoring damaged structures.

The technological process of repair is based on the strict observance of the basic geometrical parameters of structural elements of the body, as well as to ensure an adequate supply of their strength. With special responsibility performed repairs stretchers trucks, as this is the loaded design, perceiving support the weight of a body with a load on his head. For the repair of stretchers used metal profile with increased strength characteristics. We also carry out the test and Troubleshooting lift cylinders of the body, and, if necessary, replace faulty hydraulic cylinders with new ones.

As a result of prolonged use its separate body portions may be corroded. After pre-treatment specialists perform their inspection and make a decision on whether a replacement. In some cases, based on the wishes of the customer, we produce alterations dump bodies, in order to increase their volume and capacity. Performed strengthening of bearing elements of the platform, and built up the side or made new.Renovated and refurbished body exposed color, resistant to adverse environmental conditions, enamels.

The company "Alanta - BUD" one of its main objectives is the introduction into production technologies that reduce the cost of body repair. As a result, we are able to offer our customers competitive rates of our services. Many of them have seen this and left us your positive feedback. We sincerely hope that you will be able to appreciate the quality of our services. And if you need to repair the tipper - contact "Alanta - BUD"!


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