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Agricultural production takes the lion's share of the total freight transport in our country. And every self-respecting carrier not miss the opportunity to penetrate into the sphere of the provision of transportation services for the transportation of grain, oilseeds and commercial crops from farms to processing plants, grain elevators and ports. But in order to be cost-effective transportation, you need to have cars that are running a special body - grain. It allows you to do a full boot of the car, keep the grain in transit, and quick unloading it at the destination.

   And if you plan regular transportation of grain, then you can not do without the conversion in the car - grain of one or more of its own transport units.

   You do not know where to go to perform such conversion?

To solve this very difficult problem you will always be able to help our company "Alanta-BUD"!

   We have everything you need for this: many years of experience, skilled professionals, advanced equipment, high-quality materials and a reputation as a reliable partner, as evidenced by the overwhelmingly positive feedback from our customers. Today, the company has the ability to produce any body on the chassis of all well-known manufacturers.

   Production of grain in our production - flexible and streamlined to the smallest detail process that enables the conversion of vehicles as soon as possible. Customer requirements with respect to the body structure - a priority basis for the drafting of the future product.

   At the moment we produce as side and tipper body for grain.To dump options, we have developed the design stretchersand hydraulic systems , which we complete during the conversion process automobiles customers.

   Flatbed body , we produce mainly to discharge on both sides.Also provides for opening the tailgate for loading and unloading of various categories of goods that can be transported simultaneously in the opposite direction. To the body - grain production which we perform, had a reliable corrosion protection, on request is possible to apply to the surface of the metal zinc-containing composition.

   Company "Alanta - BUD" produces as car bodies - grain andgrain-body and semi-trailers. All finished products are painted resistant to harmful weatherproof paint. To match the conversion of vehicles to MREO, the company provides customers with the relevant documents.

   Throughout his many years of work we were able to establish business relations with many manufacturers of materials and components, which are used for the manufacture of body - grain. direct supply of materials can reduce the manufacturing cost of products and make it competitive.

   We always strive to ensure that the prices were reasonable for the customer. You can verify this by ordering our body grain on your car.

   Please contact us using the contacts mentioned above, and our experts will be happy to answer all your questions.

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