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 Dump trucks in modern freight are very widely used. They are designed for transporting and unloading by means of hydraulic tilting devices of various bulk cargoes. But it often happens that you can not effectively use the standard factory-built body for transportation of certain categories of goods.Almost always, the reason is the lack of volume of the body.Many facilities management is not possible to alter dump body on their own. A half-loaded car to drive extremely unprofitable.How can increase the profitability of transportation?

   Our company "Alanta-BUD" help to get out of a difficult situation. We can modify or order box tipper KAMAZ or body other car models (GAZ, ZIL, MAZ, KRAZ, etc..).

   We will be able to bring in the finished design all the wishes of the customer. Qualified professionals have experience retrofitting and reconstruction of dump bodies and trailers for grain, seeds and other materials the carriage of which is not profitable in the standard factory bodies. Our production of dump bodies aimed at maximizing the quality of the work performed and strength to create designs.

   If you want to make a box with high sides , to strengthen the platform to change the design of the subframe, these materials will be handled with the appropriate strength characteristics. To provide high-quality conversion of dump bodies, we have established a direct supply from manufacturers. This fact allows us to offer customers buy Kippbrücke at an affordable price.

   The company "Alanta-BUD" not only makes the body and carries them out refurbishments. We also provide services for the restoration of old worn-out body to a state of new ones.Charging us to repair dump bodies, customers have the opportunity at a significant cost savings to get the body that many more years will be suitable for the transportation of goods. All work performed relating to the manufacture, alteration and repair of body company LLC "Alanta-BUD"provides its guarantees.

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