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Body BDF - this swap bodies, containers and more often, which are mounted on the chassis, specially equipped for these cars. They appeared in Europe at the end of the last century and at the beginning of the new century, the mass of their use for the transport of a wide variety of goods. And to date, 60% of car parks in Europe BDF system used very widely.

   What are the advantages of these systems? They give you the flexibility and efficient use of road transport. Car, to deliver the goods in the container or body BDF to the destination for 10 - 15 minutes can rid yourself of such a body or container;and also download its own chassis BDF container with other cargo.

   Exemption from BDF body by means of bellows or bellows car which lifted his body, or slightly more than usual with respect to ground or to the axles of the vehicle. Once will be exhibited special supports (legs) of a body or container, the car is lowered and leaves from under him.

   Every year the body BDF is becoming more common in Ukraine. But in order that such cars were able to transport cargo, you need to make or buy a box BDF, or better yet, a few bodies and containers for various applications.

   Our company "Alanta-BUD" is always ready to offer their services for the production of demountable bodies BDF.Qualified professionals will listen to each customer, to make the necessary measurements and develop technical documentation for the construction of the body. Body will be made within a specified period experienced workers with quality materials. We guarantee the accuracy of manufacturing the mounting members of the body, as well as the fulfillment of all requirements.

   If you have a need to make the body BDF - please contact the company LLC "Alanta-BUD!" We are always ready to fulfill your order.

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