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Board box is a platform, fenced on all sides sides. Depending on the characteristics of the goods transported, used different height of the boards. A variety of airborne bodies are tilts the body. Tent design of such body may be not folding or collapsible, thus expanding the scope of the body.


   The company "Alanta-BUD" offers the manufacture of body onboard different types and designs.


   We have experience in manufacturing flatbed body of any complexity. Therefore, today the company is willing to accept the order and make KAMAZ flatbed body or any other body truck model. Our engineers will listen to all customer requirements with respect to the body structure, and in accordance with them to develop technical documentation.


   You can order and buy flatbed body with any height boards.In order to adapt the maximum design load for the specifics, we can produce extended and reinforced body. For the convenience of loading and unloading is possible to use various schemes open sides and designs of locking devices.


   The company "Alanta-BUD" has direct links with manufacturers and suppliers of the materials used for the manufacture of body structures. That is why the sale of airborne bodies made in our company has the most reasonable prices.


   The specialists of our company has developed as a technology that allows to perform high-quality repair of airborne bodies of all types and designs. This service allows the customer to retrieve your body to a state of new with minimal financial outlay.


   Our services have been used already many customers and left good feedback about our work. We value our reputation and to comply fully with their obligations. Issuance of guarantee on the work performed - a confirmation of our confidence in the quality of its services.



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