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The company "Alanta-Bud"  is not a partner of the company "Vely", and does not lead any business with the company.

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"Individual approach to each client" ..

This principle, we remain faithful throughout the existence of the company. We believe that every customer should feel a special relationship to it. And we have chosen the principle of yielding results: we have many regular customers who trust us;

"Working for tomorrow" ..

This principle involves the creation for its clients such terms and pricing that could persuade them to remain our customers all the time;

"Make your products competitive lossless" ..

We are deeply convinced that create competitive products can only be reducing its costs and maintaining quality. Company "Alanta-BUD" is constantly working on the introduction into the production of innovative and energy-saving technologies. This allows us to offer our customers competitive prices on their products and services.

"Make your city clean" ..

We are opposed to "dirty" technologies that contribute to the difficult environmental situation. "Production without waste" - that is the goal to which we aspire. Our company is engaged in the implementation of zero waste their own production and processing of other companies in its facilities.

      Ltd. "Alanta-BUD" is in constant development and improvement, and today is the following basic directions of activity:

Industrial construction .. We are ready to build industrial buildings and structures, both as a general contractor and as a subcontractor;

Civil Engineering .The company has all the capabilities to build homes, cottages, offices and public buildings from the zero cycle to full completion of the facility;

Construction and repair of transport routes .. LLC "Alanta-BUD" has experience in the construction of roads and railways offers its services in this regard;

Manufacture and repair of bodies for trucks .We produce retrofitting trucks and semi-trailers in dump trucks, grain. As well as the manufacture and repair of cargo body in accordance with the characteristics of the goods transported. Installation and repair of hydraulic sistem.Izgotovlenie new boards and repair old ones;

Sale of wooden sleepers impregnated with type 1, type 2 .. We manufacture and sell railway sleepers for the railroad tracks, underground mines and crane tracks.

Our sawmill produces lumber and timber bridge for switches with protective impregnation of coal oil.



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