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The company "Alanta-Bud"  is not a partner of the company "Vely", and does not lead any business with the company.

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Company LLC "Alanta-BUD" was founded on the basis of private capital founders. Over the years has created a close-knit team of professionals who are the strength to deal with any problems related to the company's operations.

We were able to expand the production base and increase its financial strength, which allows us to improve production and to look to the future.

Ltd. "Alanta-BUD" is in constant development and improvement, and today is the following basic directions of activity:

  • Manufacture and repair of bodies for trucks
  • Installing hydraulics of brands from around the world
  • Manufacturing of metal
  • Production of wooden sleepers impregnated type A1 and A2
  • Manufacturing overhead impregnated timber and lumber for turnouts
  • Construction and repair of transport routes
  • Industrial and Civil Construction

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